Advanced Performance Materials (APM)

Advanced Performance Materials (APM) is your ultimate materials technology and solutions provider for interior, exterior, and insulation projects. At our workshop, materials meet designers, fabricators, and installers, and together we transform materials into ultra-performing products and solutions for commercial and residential construction, transportation industries, and marine projects. We specialize in structural thermal insulation, sound and noise insulation, and super- structural parts and components. At our workshop, we fabricate and produce the finest quality ultra-performing materials and solutions for residential building interiors, commercial building interiors, furniture, cruise, yacht, and vessel structural, thermal, and noise insulation projects. As experienced professionals in the field, we understand that each project is unique, and because of that, we select materials based on project specifications and technical requirements. No matter the project's complexity, we have the materials, solutions, and expertise to complete the project successfully.

At APM, we offer our clients a complete turnkey solution from materials selection to design, fabrication, testing, certification, and installation.

The materials, solutions, and associated components used in various projects are sustainable, lightweight, fire retardant, DNV GL and EPD certified, and 100% recyclable. Most structural core materials are manufactured in-house, and the necessary supporting materials are sourced locally, depending on the project specification and scope of work. We are committed to meeting the highest quality and safety standards for any projects we take on. We are committed to ensuring that your project meets local, state, and federal requirements. At APM, we offer a range of products and services for construction, transportation, and marine projects. All our raw materials and solutions meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

How Do We Serve Contractor & Builders

At APM, we custom produce and supply performance interior and exterior construction and decoration products and solutions to contractors and builders. In our workshop, we custom-fabricate design-specific interior and exterior products and solutions for structural thermal insulation, noise and acoustic insulation, structural parts, and components. We directly work with builders, contractors, and interior designers to fabricate and produce parts and components of their design and specification. We have the necessary equipment and capacity to manufacture and deliver large structural components.

We also assist builders and contractors with raw materials selection and sourcing, product development, prototyping, and sampling, followed by mass manufacturing. Contact us for your project and materials needs.

Application of Our Products and Solutions

Structural Thermal Insulation Projects:
  • Commercial building roof, ceiling, wall, and floor thermal insulation projects
  • Residential building roof, ceiling, wall, and floor thermal insulation projects.
  • Airport roof, ceiling, wall, and floor insulation projects.
  • Stadium and auditorium insulation projects.
  • Shopping center and public venue insulation projects.
  • Supermarket and cold storage warehouse insulation projects.
  • Public infrastructure insulation projects.
  • Cruise and yacht interior, wall, ceiling, and floor thermal insulation.
  • Rail car, train, and bus interior thermal insulation.
  • Rail and cruise engine room heat insulation.
  • Industrial thermal insulation projects.
  • Cold storage and commercial kitchen thermal insulation.
  • Thermal insulation panels for transportation containers.
  • Cold and weather insulation panels for caravan and recreational vehicles.
Exterior and Interior Structural projects:
  • Commercial roof, ceiling, wall, and interior structural panels and components.
  • Residential roof, ceiling, wall, and interior structural panels and components.
  • Airport interior and exterior structural decoration and construction.
  • Hotel and office interior structural decoration project and furniture.
  • Cruise and yacht interior, wall, ceiling, and decking structural projects.
  • Cruise, yacht, and ferry interior structural decoration.
  • Rail car, train, and bus interior structural projects.
  • Rail car, train, bus interior panels, furniture, and decoration.
  • Structural panels and large structures for the warehouse and storage facility.
  • Stadium and recreational venue structural projects.
  • Interior and exterior structural panels and components for caravan and recreational vehicles.
  • Panels and structural components for furniture and infrastructure.
Noise and Acoustic Insulation Projects:
  • Commercial building interior noise and acoustic insulation.
  • Residential building interior noise and acoustic insulation.
  • Airport interior noise and acoustic insulation and blocking project.
  • Hotel and office interior noise and acoustic insulation.
  • Cruise and yacht interior noise and acoustic insulation.
  • Rail car, train, bus sound, acoustic insulation, and blocking.
  • Rail, cruise, and industrial engine room noise-blocking project.
  • Auditorium museum and theatre sound insulation and blocking projects.

Our Materials Specification

  • 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  • Minimum carbon footprint, sustainable materials processing.
  • Remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Exceptional mechanical and physical strength.
  • Ultimate thermal and heat insulation.
  • Remarkable noise and acoustic insulation.
  • Ultimate temperature and pressure stability.
  • Standardized flame and smoke resistant.
  • No water and moisture absorption.
  • Excellent UV stability.
  • Extreme weather resistant.
  • Meet EPA sustainability standards.
  • Meet EPD, LCA, and DNV-GL standards.
  • Meet US, Canada, and EU regulatory requirements.
  • Excellent physical stability under hot and cold environments.
  • Manufactured in USA.