Advanced Performance Materials (APM)

APM is your in-house materials and technology center for your manufacturing projects, serving manufacturing industries across the spectrum. Our construction materials are produced in the United States and Western Europe and offer ultimate quality and performance. Our materials and solutions are made in modern state-of-the-art production facilities, and the most sustainable production processes are used. Our raw materials are also sourced locally, which helps us provide our partners with the ultimate quality materials and solutions. We use the industry's best practice quality control and assurance processes. Our products and solutions are 100 % recyclable, and it helps us meet sustainability targets and minimize CO2 release. At APM, we use the most energy-efficient production process and technology. We do not compromise on quality when supplying materials, products, and services. Our materials, products, and solutions offer everlasting service life and end-of-life cycle recyclability.

We have a team of hands-on, experienced industry professionals to assist our partners technically. Together, we bring over many decades of hands-on professional experience in the manufacturing industry. Thus far, we have completed hundreds of industrial and consumer product and solution manufacturing projects successfully. We have state-of-the-art machines and equipment for your product development and mass manufacturing project. We have the capacity and experience to take on any development projects, whether you are working on general construction, thermal insulation, marine construction, or heavy industries. We promise to deliver the best quality product and solution for your project. At APM, we are committed to helping our partners to minimize material and resources waste.

We Are Specialized in Sustainable Construction Materials

We specialize in recyclable, lightweight, performance polymer foam board and sheet materials, performance biopolymers, heavy-duty structural composites, performance thermal insulation materials, high-end structural panels, Phenolic HPL sheets, and panels, and performance carbon materials.

We also help manufacturing businesses develop the products and solutions they need for their projects. Our signature projects are:

  • Undertaking heavy-duty structural panels, parts, and components manufacturing for marine projects such as cruise, yacht decking, cabins, and interior decorations.
  • Manufacturing high-performance structural panels, parts, and components for rail, train, bus, and other heavy industries.
  • Producing performance structural thermal insulation panels, parts, and components for projects in the marine and transportation sectors.
  • Manufacturing performance structural and thermal insulation parts and components for commercial and residential projects.
  • Undertaking performance structural panels, parts, and components manufacturing for commercial and residential projects.
  • Manufacturing performance structural panels, parts, and components for infrastructure projects.
  • Undertaking performance structural and thermal insulation parts and components for airport and stadium projects.
  • Undertaking customized structural parts and components manufacturing projects for furniture and interior decoration.
  • Designing and cutting structural parts and components based on provided specs and drawings.

Our Commitment to Planet Earth

We are exclusively into sustainable manufacturing and our target is to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, running a carbon-neutral mass manufacturing operation. Keeping this in mind any product development and mass manufacturing project we take on maintains absolute sustainability standards. For any product development and formulation, the raw materials and additives we select are in line with our carbon neutrality goal. We do not use any unsustainable materials and chemicals or materials and chemicals that are produced unsustainably. All the products and solutions we manufacture and sell are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We make sure that they do not cause any negative impacts on humans or any living organisms. Consult with us regarding your product and the solution’s carbon neutrality.